VFFS Former Commissioning

Our commissioning service ensures your VFFS forming sets are installed safely and set up for optimal performance.

BagForm’s engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in installing VFFS forming sets, and we can commission new or refurbished bag formers and forming sets.


Manufacturing equipment can be dangerous and pose a risk to your employees. 

Our commissioning service will ensure your forming sets are properly installed and safe for use by your employees. 


A forming set that has not been optimised or installed correctly can cost your business time and money through poor performance and downtime. 

We can set up your forming set correctly for optimal effectiveness.


We also offer onsite training for your employees that can be offered as a standalone service or alongside our commissioning offer.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can train your employees on how to safely and efficiently use your VFFS forming sets and how to resolve any common problems they may come up against. 

Talk to a member of our team to learn more about our commissioning service. 

Who are BagForm International?

BagForm International are a designer and manufacturer of bag formers and bag forming sets.

We produce high-quality, cost-effective bag formers that can be supplied to work with all VFFS machines.

Our team have extensive knowledge of bag formers, VFFS machines and the food manufacturing industry. As a result, they can design and manufacture bag formers to suit your business needs.