Peacock Salt Case Study

Our bag forming refurbishment service was utilised by Peacock Salt, the longest established salt company in the UK, founded in 1874.

The Client

Peacock Salt are a Scottish based salt distributor established in 1874.

They manufacture and supply a wide range of salts, from de-icing salts to food and cosmetic salts. 

The Project

The bag forming set that required refurbishment was in use on a Webster Griffin VFFS bagging machine.

Bag formers and forming sets that are used to pack salt will undergo significant amounts of wear and tear due to the product’s abrasive properties.

Processing and packing salt can also lead to product build-up in certain parts of the former.


Our refurbishment specialists assessed and disassembled the former on arrival to understand what needed cleaning, replacing or repairing.

This bag forming set required:

New forming collars (the previous collars were worn from film and product)

Replacement of all nuts and bolts

Complete clean down and removal of built-up product

After completing these steps, the former was reassembled and tested before being returned to Peacock Salt.

The Result

This refurbishment was completed in a week and meant Peacock Salt had a “good as new” bag former back on their production line in no time at all.

Refurbishment is a cost-effective and time-efficient way of extending the life of your bag formers and minimising production downtime for your business.

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