Our Crisps and Snacks Bag Formers

Our bag formers and bag forming sets are perfectly suited to packing crisps, snacks and nuts.

The global snacking industry has continued to grow in recent years, and the VFFS (Vertical Fill Form and Seal) packing method is one of the most popular methods of packing snacks.

In this competitive industry, manufacturers must have cost-effective, high-quality, reliable machinery.

How can my bag former be tailored for packing snacks?

The product tubes can be modified to run nitrogen which increases the freshness and shelf life of the finished product.

Our bag formers can also be specified with a variety of features, including a lightweight design, food-safe coatings and increased durability. 

Why choose BagForm International for my snack packing business?

We design and manufacture high-quality bag formers and bag-forming sets that are tailored to your business and product requirements.

Our products offer excellent value for money, and our quality is backed up with decades of experience in stainless steel fabrication and the food manufacturing industry.

We also offer a refurbishment service, which is a cost-effective way of getting your bag formers and bag-forming sets back into action and minimising disruption to production. 

Who are BagForm International?

BagForm International are a designer and manufacturer of bag formers and bag forming sets (the piece of equipment that the film is fed through)

We produce high-quality and cost-effective bag formers that can be supplied to work with all VFFS machines.

Our team have extensive knowledge of VFFS machines and the food manufacturing industry. As a result, they can design and manufacture bag formers to suit your business needs.

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