Bag Formers for Salads

Our VFFS formers and forming sets are ideal for packing salads and prepared vegetables. We have a wide range of options that can be added to your forming sets to allow them to pack salad bags with ease. 

Below are just some of the options you can choose to enhance the performance of your salad bag formers. 

Double Chroming

The ink on packing film can become very abrasive in wet and cold conditions, double chroming the former will reduce this abrasion and increase the working life of your VFFS equipment.

Rigidised Tubing

Packing film can stick to the tube, which causes drag on the film when it is being pulled through the former. This can cause the tube to wear, leading to downtime and poor product quality.

Our rigidised tubing helps prevent this and provides a great return on investment for your bag former. 


Salads have a tendency to stick to the product tube in the packing process due to their moisture level and temperature.

Applying food-safe specialised coatings to your product tube reduces the amount of stuck product, increasing product flow and reducing wastage. 

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Who are BagForm International?

BagForm International are a designer and manufacturer of bag formers and bag forming sets.

We produce high-quality, cost-effective bag formers that can be supplied to work with all VFFS machines.

Our team have extensive knowledge of bag formers, VFFS machines and the food manufacturing industry. As a result, they can design and manufacture bag formers to suit your business needs.

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