AD Engineering Case Study

We partnered with A D Engineering to provide them with a range of forming sets for a multi-bagging refurbishment project they were undertaking.

The Client

A D Engineering is an engineering company based in the East Midlands with extensive knowledge and experience in refurbishing VFFS machines for multi bagging and snacks.

The Project

A D Engineering was contracted to refurbish a VFFS (vertical, fill form and seal) multi-bagging machine used to package multi-pack snacks. Part of the refurbishment process involved replacing the existing VFFS forming sets with new ones, with BagForm International being chosen as the VFFS forming set supplier.


Our manufacturing engineers produced several new forming sets to the client’s exact specifications and design.

The forming sets were supplied with rigidised tubes and top chutes, offering increased strength, durability and reduced lifetime costs.

The BagForm International team provided a fast turnaround time on the new VFFS forming sets to ensure the refurbishment project was completed to the agreed timescales.

The Result

This project saw A D Engineering refurbish the multi-bagging machine in record time, providing substantial cost savings to their client, who can further maximise the life and return on investment on their machinery.

BagForm International are proud to manufacture all of our forming sets in the United Kingdom and be chosen as the VFFS forming set supplier for this project.

Who are BagForm International?

BagForm International are a designer and manufacturer of bag formers and bag forming sets.

We produce high-quality, cost-effective bag formers that can be supplied to work with all VFFS machines.

Our team have extensive knowledge of bag formers, VFFS machines and the food manufacturing industry. As a result, they can design and manufacture bag formers to suit your business needs.